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Big Prints

Limited Collector's Prints

1 print each, 18 Hong Kongers left

56 x 84 cm

HK $50,000

20% donated to charity of your choice

Medium Prints

Limited Gallery Prints

30 prints each of 50 Hong Kongers

40 x 60 cm

HK $15,000 (discounts available)

20% donated to charity of your choice

Small Prints

Open Series Prints

100 Hong Kongers available

14 x 11"

HK $350

Sold exclusively at the Lion Rock Press


The Hong Konger is an art series I began in March 2021. I was teaching myself digital art on the iPad app Procreate while bedridden from autoimmune disease relapses, but I didn't want to learn from just one particular artist and end up mimicking them. Since the New Yorker magazine employs different cover illustrators, I figured subverting different covers would help me explore different techniques and find my own style. The Hong Konger is now available as prints and The Hong Konger Anthology book. My goal is to satirise, depict, and document Hong Kong culture, society, and current events.

What is The Hong Konger?

Who am I?


I'm a Eurasian writer and illustrator from Hong Kong, currently living in San Francisco. Originally a corporate techie, I started my creative career in 2021 when I was left bedridden from autoimmune diseases.

I create work with a sneaky ulterior motive to fund and support advocacy and education initiatives for chronic disability issues, women’s rights, and the representation of Hong Kong in art and literature.

Through The Hong Konger donation program, School Talks, and charity auctions, exhibitions, and commissions, my work has raised over HK $1 million for local causes.

Donation Program

The Hong Konger seeks to support actual Hong Kongers. That's why when you order a print directly from this website, 20% of the sale is donated to a local charity of your choice.


The Hong Konger Anthology

In 2021, I decided to compile 70 Hong Kongers into a book. At the time, I had been posting the backstories of each creation on social media, but wanted to aggregate the art and the histories into one bound volume. The book is available at most English-language booksellers in Hong Kong and on Amazon.

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The Heist of Hooded Light

Ever wanted an art heist mystery novel set in Hong Kong? In 2022, I teamed up with K11 ARTUS as their Artist in Residence to write and illustrate a full-length crime novel for 8 to 13 year olds, set at the art residence. The story incorporates the actual paintings, sculptures, and secret rooms at K11 ARTUS and is available for free and on Amazon.

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School Talks

I love doing School Talks. I draw on my career experiences as a product manager, teacher, and now writer and illustrator to create workshops, assemblies, and programs that help students handle failure, express themselves through art and literature, and see profitable opportunities in creative careers.

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Love this print as reminds me of my youth.
Remember my mum having her White Flower with her everywhere and it is a staple in my life too!


They're so clever, funny, and colourful. It's like there's one made especially for every Hong Konger.


I love our Hong Konger prints. Each of my family picked one and we now have them in a four-set in our living room.


As I am leaving Hong Kong this summer this book will serve as a great reminder of so many snippets of life here that I've loved to observe. Beautifully illustrated with some very insightful commentary and poetry for each image which makes it all the more special.


I started boarding school this year and my mom got me a Hong Konger for my wall. It always makes me happy to look at. I feel less homesick.


A beautifully illustrated and creatively written book that captured the heart of many HK experiences I have had with a dear friend now leaving HK. This was a gift that I know will be treasured as we all know even though you leave HK, HK never leaves you.


Last Christmas, I just gave everyone Hong Konger Anthology books as gifts. They were a hit with everybody and I had to run out and get more! Now whenever anyone needs a present, I just give The Hong Konger book.


Every time I have people over, they ask about The Hong Konger on my wall. I've moved it into the background of my Zoom calls now!


The only problem with The Hong Konger is there are too many good ones to choose from!