Sophia Hotung

Writer & Illustrator

I am a Eurasian writer and illustrator best known for creating The Hong Konger art collection. Originally a corporate techie, I pivoted to writing and illustrating in 2021 when my autoimmune diseases made it impossible to continue my corporate career. Now I write books, make artwork, offer art and writing services, and create advocacy content and free resources for people who are "not shaped for work" through the NSFW Blog.


What is The Hong Konger?

The Hong Konger is an art series I began in March 2021. I was teaching myself digital art on the iPad app Procreate but didn't want to learn from just one particular artist and end up mimicking them. Since the New Yorker magazine employs different cover illustrators, I figured subverting different covers would help me explore different techniques and find my own style. The Hong Konger is now available as prints and The Hong Konger Anthology book. My goal is to satirise, depict, and document Hong Kong culture, society, and current events.



A man wheels his luggage into Chek Lap Kok's arrivals hall, now crowded and colourful that Hong Kong's Covid-19 hotel quarantine rules have been lifted. Dated September 23, 2022.


The NSFW Blog

I write about getting work done for people who feel NSFW (not shaped for work)


That means I:

  •  break down how I execute different creative projects while chronically ill

  • offer insights and resources into the entrepreneurial side of being an artist

  • answer questions posed via NGL, email enquiries, and social media

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I work with companies, charities, and individuals to create artwork, writing, and music that elevates brands. Previous and current partners include K11 ARTUS, Hanson Robotics, Playright Hong Kong, Henderson Land, USA Rugby, The Women's Foundation Hong Kong, The Women's Entrepreneur Network, Bookazine, Pacific DeFi.


Raise money auctioning limited series prints at your next charity event. Since September 2021, my art and books have raised over HK $100k in support of women's and disability issues. Previous partners include The American Club Hong Kong, the Women's Foundation Hong Kong, the Karen Leung Foundation.


I speak about disability, arts education, entrepreneurship, and women's issues, as well as offer digital art workshops and demos at intimate and large-scale events. Previous hosts include Animation Comics and Games Convention Hong Kong, Aide et Action, The Hong Kong Rotary Club Southside.