I exhibit limited series prints from The Hong Konger collection across Hong Kong at galleries, shows, events, and fairs. Email me at sophia@sophiahotung.com and let's show some art.

How it works

1. Browse

Browse my catalogue of artwork here; then email me with details of your event and the prints you would like to exhibit. Please include the name, location, dates, and mission of the exhibition, any participating artists or groups, and your consignment rate. I'll respond in 1-3 business days.

2. Agreement

If the prints are available for exhibition, I'll connect with you over phone or email with follow-up questions, then draw up an agreement outlining the terms of exhibition and sale.

3. Delivery

Once the agreement is signed, I'll have the artwork printed, framed, and delivered for your event. Printing and delivery take approximately 2 weeks. At the moment, I only print and deliver within Hong Kong.

4. Promotion

In the build-up to your exhibition, I'll work with you to market and promote your event across my platforms to ensure maximum publicity.

5. Sale

If the print sells, I'll invoice you for my share of the revenue. If the print does not sell, we'll liaise on returning the art after the event.

Email sophia@sophiahotung.com to get started