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I work with organisations to create artwork that elevates brands


High-quality deliverables tailored to your organisation’s needs

Flexibility and open-mindedness to feedback and requests

Clear and accurate information of services, costs, and timelines


While every commission is unique, I organise each project around this framework


1-2 weeks for client review

After you fill out this scoping form, we'll gauge if my services fit your needs. I'll outline services, the quotation, a projected timeline, terms of service, and sample artwork.


30 to 60 minute call

On a call, we’ll scope the brief. This will involve exploring requirements and goals for the artwork’s content and style.


1-2 weeks for review, signature, and payment

The agreement reflects the terms of the commission. After reviews, signatures, and receipt of the deposit, the project can begin.


2 weeks to create proposal; 30-60 min call

The proposal is a PDF that outlines the confirmed brief and offers mock-ups and concept ideas for the final artwork. On a call or over email, we’ll discuss your feedback, and come away with a clearer understanding of what the final artwork will look like.


2-3 weeks to create sketches; 30-60 min call

Sketches offer an unpainted sketch and notes for the final artwork presented in a PDF. On a call or over email, we’ll discuss feedback on a call or over email before painting begins.


3-4 weeks to create artwork

The final artwork reflects all the feedback, conversations, and goals from previous calls. It will be a digital art file delivered to you as specified in the brief.


Lead times vary depending on feedback

If the final artwork requires changes, further calls or emails can address additional edits at an hourly rate of HK $1,000 for companies and individuals, and HK $750 for registered charities.




I'm able to take on a set number of pro-bono or discounted projects with charities each year thanks to The Hong Konger donation program.

Previous projects include the Future Values NFT collection that debuted at the Digital Art Fair and sold at Sotheby's in support of The Women's Foundation, the Yau Ma Tei Street Art collection in support of Equal Justice, and a new storybook coming out in November for the Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra.

Learn more about how your charity could benefit from The Hong Konger donation program here.


Occasionally I partner with organisations, and we offset the cost of a commission with alternative compensation in exposure or other non-monetary benefits.


Previous projects of this nature include creating colouring-in postcards and a 6x9 metre mural for The Affordable Art Fair 2022 in exchange for press coverage and brand opportunities, writing and illustrating a children's novel for K11 ARTUS in exchange for a 12-day stay at their residence and exposure, and creating event posters for The Hong Kong International Literary Festival in exchange for press coverage and event opportunities.

If you would like to collaborate on a project of a similar nature, please email


Need a book illustrated or written?


I've authored, illustrated, and published full-length industry-standard books for K11 ARTUS, KG Group Education, and the Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra and would love to help you bring your literary vision to life.


While quotations and lead times vary depending on brief, quotations usually start at HK $75,000 for charities and $100,000 for other organisations and individuals. Please email if you have an idea that you would like to discuss.


Equal Justice

A pro-bono project for a charity striving to close Hong Kong's justice gap

Private Client

A bright and brooding greeting card design for a private client's Christmas mailing list

Women's Entrepreneur Network

Lanterns over Lei Tung Avenue, printed across merchandise for local organisations

Private Client

Detailed posters capturing wanderlust

Barnard College

A personal project that got picked up by Barnard College and used to fundraise during the pandemic

Henderson Land / Alchemist Hong Kong

18 joggers, footballers, and rugby players to promote a new sports venue

Alchemist Limited / Henderson Land

A vibrant showcase of all Henderson Land's newest development has to offer

Personal Project

Adaptions of family photos from growing up in Hong Kong in the 1990s

Hong Kong Alumni Association x USA Rugby

Kitschy designs for a fun, family event in Los Angeles

American Club Foundation

Hong Konger covers that capture the spirit of The American Club

Kids' Gallery

A rabbit-hole-inspired backdrop for a children's production of a Lewis Carroll classic

Affordable Art Fair Hong Kong

Fill-in-the-blank, colourable postcards for children and adults


Sophia Hotung

Sophia Hotung is a writer, digital artist, and chronic illness advocate whose work has featured at the Affordable Art Fair, Digital Art Fair, Sotheby’s, and various galleries across Hong Kong. Her commission portfolio includes art consultancy projects for Henderson Land, The Women’s Foundation, USA Rugby, and Bookazine.

Prior to becoming an artist in 2021, Sophia worked in corporate tech roles in New York, London, Edinburgh, and Hong Kong. She now blends her creative work with her training in project management, product development, and corporate communications to offer client experiences rooted in professionalism, efficiency, and candour.

Pangolin Society Logo Rectangle.png

Pangolin Society

Pangolin Society is Sophia’s company that overseas the administrative and logistical side of her creative work. It is also the home of The Hong Konger Fund, which has raised over $160,000 since December 2022 and contributed over HK $100,000 more in free and discounted consulting, resources, and labour to Hong Kong charities. When you support Sophia and Pangolin Society, you are funding work that financially benefits and supports Hong Kongers and non-profits across our community.

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