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I work with organisations to create artwork that elevates brands
Scroll down for a quick introduction to how I work with clients to create impactful visuals. Fill out this scoping questionnaire to get started or email with questions.

What to expect

High-quality deliverables tailored to your organisation’s needs

Flexibility and open-mindedness to feedback and requests

Clear and accurate information of services, costs, and timelines

How it works

While every commission is unique, I organise each project around this framework


1-2 weeks for client review

After you fill out this scoping form, we'll gauge if my services fit your needs. I'll outline services, the quotation, a projected timeline, terms of service, and sample artwork.

2. Brief

30 to 60 minute call

On a call, we’ll scope the brief. This will involve exploring requirements and goals for the artwork’s content and style.

3. Agreement

1-2 weeks for review, signature, and payment

The agreement reflects the terms of the commission. After reviews, signatures, and receipt of the deposit, the project can begin.

4. Proposal

2 weeks to create proposal; 30-60 min call

The proposal outlines the confirmed brief and offers mock-ups and ideas for the final artwork. On a call, we’ll discuss your feedback, and come away with a clearer understanding of what the final artwork will look like.

5. Sketches

2-3 weeks to create sketches; 30-60 min call

The sketches offer rough outlines and notes for the final artworks. On a call, we’ll discuss feedback before painting begins.

6. Final Artwork

3-4 weeks to create artwork

The final artwork reflects all the feedback, conversations, and goals from previous calls. It will be delivered to you as specified in the brief.

7. Additional Feedback

Lead times vary depending on feedback

If the final artwork requires changes, further calls or emails can address additional edits.


Screenshot 2022-09-29 at 16.37_edited.jpg

Sophia Hotung

Sophia Hotung is a writer, digital artist, and chronic illness advocate whose work has featured at the Affordable Art Fair, Digital Art Fair, Sotheby’s, and various galleries across Hong Kong. Her commission portfolio includes art consultancy projects for Henderson Land, The Women’s Foundation, USA Rugby, and Bookazine.

Prior to becoming an artist in 2021, Sophia worked in corporate tech roles in New York, London, Edinburgh, and Hong Kong. She now blends her creative work with her training in project management, product development, and corporate communications to offer client experiences rooted in professionalism, efficiency, and candour.

Pangolin Society Logo Rectangle.png

Pangolin Society

As a disabled person, Sophia founded Pangolin Society to overcome mobility restrictions that had initially prevented her from offering physical services, including printing, framing, and delivery.


Now, Pangolin Society carries out boots-on-the-ground operations in Hong Kong while Sophia creates art from San Francisco.


The company is a registered Hong Kong LLC and oversees all the operations and logistics of Sophia’s work.

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