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I work with organisations to create artwork that elevates brands.


Drawing on my corporate experience as a product manager, my commission work not only produces high-quality deliverables, but focuses on a clear, timely, and organised process that allows you to feedback and control the end results cost-effectively and time-efficiently.

To get started, you can get inspiration from my portfolio or fill out the form below to generate a quotation.

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Previous Clients

I've worked with international brands like USA Rugby and Van Cleef & Arpels, local charities like The Women's Foundation and Equal Justice, homegrown businesses like Bookazine and NOC Coffee, and city-strong firms like Henderson Land and New World Development to create visuals that engage, empower, and impact communities and stakeholders.

Why We should work together


Project management

At the core of every commission is a project plan that includes your own personalised and secure portal, clear pricing and timings, and a methodical workflow that will allow you to give feedback on the final piece as it's developed. Clients have called my approach organised, efficient, fast, and stress-free.


Logistics and strategy

When we work together, you have access to unlimited consultation calls to help with strategy for your project. Whether you need support with printing and framing, creating environmentally sustainable merchandise, or best practices for monetisation, I'm here to help at no extra cost.


Unlimited media

I'm a digital artist who loves to create work that looks like fine art and mixed media. This means that when we work together, you can sample styles in pastel, oils, inks, and more, before landing on the perfect medium and look for your project. This gives you an added level of freedom and choice when it comes to designing your ideal visuals.



Your patronage supports my company, which in turn devotes a sum of its resources, funds, and labour to fundraising for Hong Kong charities. In one year, my company Pangolin Society has raised over $200,000 for local charities, thanks to support from my commissions clients and print shop customers.



ARTWORKS • $30,000

Artworks are fully detailed, painted pieces with a background and multiple foreground elements, such as people, buildings, or objects. This price includes unlimited consultation calls, a first sketch for your review, 3 hours of edits for a second sketch incorporating your feedback, and a final painting, delivered as a high-resolution digital file. Discounts may be available for multiple artworks.

IllustrationS • $5,000

Illustrations are individual, painted drawings of one element, such as a person, a building, or an object. This price includes unlimited consultation calls, a first sketch for your review, 3 hours of edits for a second sketch incorporating your feedback, and a final painting, delivered as a high-resolution digital file. Discounts may be available for multiple illustrations.

MOCKUPS • $1,000

Not sure what you'd like your art to look like? Include a proposal in your commission. A proposal offers 1-5 mockups or ideas for final paintings. These mockups comprise rough sketches, inspiration photos, and idea notes on what the painting would look like once finished. You'll have the opportunity to review the mockups and select your favourite, merge multiple mockups into a new idea, or request more mockups.​

OWNERSHIP RIGHTS • $1,000 - $10,000

Hold exclusive and indefinite rights to the artwork created during the commission. This prevents the artist from selling the artwork independently or licensing it to third parties. You are also free to use, edit, monetise, or sell the artwork forever. Rights for artworks are $10,000 each and rights for illustrations are $1,000 each.

Monetisation RIGHTS • $500 - $5,000

Planning on reselling the artwork on merchandise or online? Purchasing monetisation rights grants you a resale license to profit from the artwork for 12 months. Renew your license annually or buy a multi-year license at a 15% discounted rate. You won't need monetisation rights if you have ownership rights. Rights for artworks are $5,000 each and right for illustrations are $500 each for a 12-month license.


By commissioning the art, you are entitled to free, indefinite usage rights. This means you can display and reproduce the art, but are not entitled to monetise, license, resell, or edit it.​


Most commissions require at least 5-10 hours of feedback-based changes. Hours of feedback-based changes are billed at HK $500 per hour when booked in advance of starting the project. Extra hours booked after signing the agreement are billed at HK $1,000 per hour. Registered charities can benefit from a HK $750 hourly rate after signing the agreement.




Get in touch using the form below to confirm your quotation and describe your project.


The Basics

The following questions are optional. Please feel free to skip and just submit your contact info.

Your Vision

You'll receive response within 0-2 business days

Discounted and pro-bono work

A significant portfion of my commissions are subsidised projects with registered S88 charities in Hong Kong.


Previous projects include the Future Values NFT collection that debuted at the Digital Art Fair and sold at Sotheby's in support of The Women's Foundation, the Everyday Justice collection in support of Equal Justice, and The Stowaways Symphony children's book in celebration of The Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra's 50th anniversary.

Learn more about how your charity could benefit from The Pangolin Fund here.

Books, prints, framing, and more

Scoping a quotation for printed artwork or book projects depends on a wide variety of factors including bulk order quantities, paper quality, page numbers, frame specifications, and so on. Please email and tell me more about your vision to get started. Thank you.


Sophia Hotung

Sophia Hotung is a writer, digital artist, and chronic illness advocate whose work has featured at the Affordable Art Fair, Digital Art Fair, Sotheby’s, and various galleries across Hong Kong. Her commission portfolio includes art consultancy projects for Henderson Land, The Women’s Foundation, USA Rugby, and Bookazine.

Prior to becoming an artist in 2021, Sophia worked in corporate tech roles in New York, London, Edinburgh, and Hong Kong. She now blends her creative work with her training in project management, product development, and corporate communications to offer client experiences rooted in professionalism, efficiency, and candour.

Pangolin Society Logo Rectangle.png

Pangolin Society

Pangolin Society is Sophia’s company that overseas the administrative and logistical side of her creative work. It is also the home of The Pangolin Fund, which has raised over $260,000 since December 2022 and contributed over HK $150,000 more in free and discounted consulting, resources, and labour to Hong Kong charities. When you support Sophia and Pangolin Society, you are funding work that financially benefits and supports Hong Kongers and non-profits across our community.

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