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Sophia Hotung is a disabled, Eurasian writer and illustrator, best known for creating The Hong Konger collection. Her first book, The Hong Konger Anthology sold out its first print run in three weeks and was named Bookazine's Book of the Week during Christmas 2021. Her second book, The Heist of Hooded Light, is an illustrated children's crime novel set at K11 ARTUS, where she completed an Artist Residency. Sophia has recently moved to San Francisco to focus on her writing and find literary representation for general and literary fiction that explores third culture identities.

Hong Kong Skyline
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The Hong Konger Anthology

Published December 2021, The Kylin Archive

Find yourself within the pages of The Hong Konger Anthology, a satirical and subverted delve into Hong Kong culture. Whether you’re a wild boar spotter, dragon boat drummer, Chinese medicine vendor, Kowloon-wary expat, over-scheduled student, lascivious tai tai, or Hong Kong Mom™, you only need to crack open this book to find your likeness. The Hong Konger Anthology features 70 prints inspired by New Yorker magazine covers and a compendium of zany, thoughtful, and satirical poems inspired by western and Chinese poetry. It’s a celebration and critique of Hong Kong’s unique characters and a great addition to the stack of books collecting dust on your coffee table.

Available at English language bookstores across Hong Kong, including Bookazine, Kelly & Walsh, the Lion Rock PressAsia Society, and in the US and abroad at Bleak House Books and Amazon

Image by Cheung Yin
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Published October 2022, K11 ARTUS

Marvin and Marigold Ma have no time for art. It’s boring, it’s pointless, and it’s confusing. But when the Ma family stay at K11 ARTUS, the twins realise that maybe art isn’t as boring, pointless, and confusing as it seems. The twins' world turns upside-down when a supernatural sculpture goes missing without a trace. With no one to trust, a very tall man in a very bright coat skulking around, and the heart of ARTUS at stake, Marvin and Marigold are thrown into a conspiracy, a crime, and a heist that only they can thwart. Written and illustrated by the creator of The Hong Konger art collection, Sophia Hotung during her artist residency at K11 ARTUS, The Heist of Hooded Light is a celebration of art, Hong Kong, and curiosity.

Available in paperback, hardback, and Kindle formats on Amazon, and as a free PDF.

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