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The Pangolin Fund

The Pangolin Fund, previously known as The Hong Konger donation program, started in December 2022 as a means for The Hong Konger to support real Hong Kongers by donating 20% of limited edition print sales to local charities. Almost a year later, its mission to serve Hong Kongers is the same, but its impact and actions have expanded to raise over HK $150,000 for local charities within its first nine months.

How Charities Benefit

If you run or support a charity that helps Hong Kongers, there are myriad ways your organisation can benefit from The Pangolin Fund. Read on or email to schedule a call to learn more.

Pro-bono and discounted commissions

I'm able to take on a set number of free or discounted projects with charities every year by offsetting costs with The Pangolin Fund. If you need artwork, books, or other print or digital media for an upcoming project, I'd love to learn more and craft a plan for your organisation to take advantage of The Pangolin Fund.

Auctions and exhibitions

I've worked with many charities across Hong Kong to auction, display, and sell limited edition prints at their events and online. I ask for 50% of starting bids on auctioned artwork or 50% of the sales price of sold artwork.

Merchandising and product curation

I work and advise charities on how they can turn the art I make for them into passive streams of income through merchandising and product development. That could be selling greeting cards at a Christmas fair, collecting royalties from an NFT collection, or creating merch for fundraising events.


The Pangolin Fund regularly donates portions of its fund to local charities. Please email if you have a matching campaign or fundraising drive.

Email to start a conversation

How You Can Support

The best way to support the Pangolin Fund is to order a limited edition print from The Hong Konger collection. 1/30 40x60cm Gallery Prints start at HK $3,000 and 1/1 56x84cm Collector's Prints start at HK $10,000.


20% of all revenue is either donated to or given as grants to local registered charities to offset costs of fundraising projects.

You are welcome to request specific charities be the recipient of a portion of the donation when you order your own print from The Hong Konger.

Past Partnerships

Passive income streams with The Women's Foundation

I partnered with Hanson Robotics' Sophia the Robot to create an NFT collection in support of the Women's Foundation. The collection debuted at the Digital Art Fair Asia in October 2022 and the feature artwork sold at auction on Sotheby's for HK $80,000. This partnership was a great example of using the blockchain to generate a passive stream of income through NFT royalties for The Women's Foundation.

Discounted commissions with The Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra

The Hong Konger donation program covered a percentage of costs for a commissioned storybook. I wrote and illustrated a 40-page children's storybook that sought to educate young concertgoers about music appreciation and concert etiquette. The book will be released across Hong Kong bookstores in celebration of the HK Phil's 50th anniversary in November 2023, and the charity will retain all author and illustrator profits as a means to recoup their investment.

Art monetisation with Equal Justice

I created three free artworks based on female Yau Ma Tei shopkeepers near Equal Justice's offices. The artworks will be used on the charity's annual reports, but also monetised as a means to raise necessary funds for Equal Justice's work in supporting underprivileged Hong Kongers in need of legal support. Equal Justice and I will split the profits from sales of the monetised art as a way for me to cover the costs of creating the pieces and as a way for them to fundraise.

Auctions with The American Club Foundation

The American Club Foundation auctioned two Hong Konger Gallery Prints at their 2022 summer gala, raising over HK $20,000. While ACF kept 100% of the proceeds in this instance, due to demand, I now ask for 50% of the starting bid if the artwork sells at auction. Auction partners retain the other 50%, plus any money bid on top of it. This model has benefited The Women's Foundation twice at their International Women's Day lunch in March 2022 and their Gala in November 2022.

Exhibitions with The Karen Leung Foundation

The Karen Leung Foundation exhibited two Hong Konger Collector's Prints at their ExtraOrdinary Exhibition in 2021. KLF and I split revenue 50/50 as a way to fundraise for gynaecological cancer support and research.

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