Raise money auctioning limited series prints at your next charity event. Since September 2021, my art and books have raised over HK $100k in support of women's and disability issues. Email me at and let's get creative.

Previous auctions

I support initiatives that create tangible change related to gender equality and empowerment, disability support and research, low-income aid and resources, and education.

Through auctions, fairs, and donated services, my art, books, and expertise have raised over HK $100,000 for these causes since September 2021.

The Karen Leung Foundation

The Extraordinary Exhibition

Crossing Over.jpeg

Cause: Gynaecological cancer research

Lots: Collector's Prints of Half the Sky • The Hong Konger and Crossing Over • The Hong Konger

Value: US $2,000

The American Club Foundation

ACF Gala Quiz Night

Dragon Riders.jpeg

Cause: ACF operations to support charities like J Life, which provide financial and educational resources and food for low-income Hong Kongers

Lot: Gallery Prints of Half the Sky • The Hong Konger and Dragon Riders • The Hong Konger

Value: HK $24,000

The Women's Foundation

International Women's Day

Half the Sky.jpeg

Cause: Support for charity operations and initiatives the directly support women in Hong Kong

Lot: Gallery print of Half the Sky • The Hong Konger and a one-of-a-kind handwritten version of the accompanying Half the Sky poem from my book The Hong Konger Anthology

Value: HK $13,500

Terms & Conditions

  1. When I team up with not-for-profit organisations to auction art, I ask for 50% of the initial value listed on my website. As my auctioned artworks often sell for more than the retail price, auctioneers often raise over 50% of the initial value from the sale

  2. To maintain the value of my artwork, I ask that any works not sold at or above the value quoted be returned within 2 weeks after the event

  3. To cover printing and shipping costs, I ask for a 5% deposit of the value of the artwork(s) upfront and at least 2 weeks notice to print and deliver the piece(s)

  4. 4. If I receive enquiries for a limited series print of a design up for auction, I will direct the enquirer to the auction so that the organisation may benefit from the sale