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Sophia Hotung's

Preented by Wyndham Social in collaboration with a|n Gallery

15 March to 28 April

Wyndham Social

G/F, 33 Wyndham Street


Hong Kong

Untitled_Artwork 50.png

About the collection

The collection of 10 artworks melds elements of Hong Kong landmarks with classic ensemble sequences from Broadway and West End musicals. The works highlight locations such as Wan Chai, Cheung Chau, and Happy Valley and will feature musicals such as Chicago, Newsies, and My Fair Lady. The artworks’ names are portmanteaus, puns, or hybrids of the Hong Kong location, musical’s title, or song name. Sophia Hotung's full collection of originals and prints was exhibited at Wyndham Social from 14 March to 28 April 2024.

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The 10 Minute Tour

Explore the 10 artworks of the Choreopolis collection with artist, Sophia Hotung, at Wyndham Social

Order an original or print

10 original artworks • HK $50,000

30 prints of each artwork • HK $2,800

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Meet the


Sophia Hotung is a Eurasian Hong Kong artist, best known for creating The Hong Konger art collection and Anthology book in 2021 and 2022. She has seven chronic illnesses and developed her art career by teaching herself digital art on an iPad while bedridden 2021. She continues to create visual art exclusively on the iPad and speaks regularly at schools and events about setbacks and resilience through her disability story. Hotung also runs Pangolin Society, a local company that works to fundraise and provide discounted or pro-bono art services to Hong Kong charities.

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Conveniently located on Wellington Street, Central, a|n Gallery is the latest initiative created by New Art Wave Limited, the company behind the hugely popular Art Next Expo: Hong Kong’s leading international art fair for independent artists. Building on the success of the expo, a|n Gallery will expand its reach to include both emerging and established artists. Through these efforts, the gallery hopes to better serve the increasing demand from art collectors for high-quality works—especially by the diverse scene of talented Hong Kong artists.

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Established by Peterson Group in 2022, Wyndham Social is a contemporary platform for collective exchanges. Located at the heart of Wyndham Street, one of Hong Kong’s main roads rich in historical and cultural significance, this arts and culture space offers a distinctive hub for individuals and communities to connect, engage and inspire.

Explore the collection

10 original artworks and 30 limited edition prints of each

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