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Frequently asked questions

What are your terms and conditions for ordering prints and books?

You can read my shop policy here.

How long will it take for my order to arrive?

Prints can take approximately 7 to 14 days to arrive. They're also available in Hong Kong through The Lion Rock Press in-store or online with a faster turnaround for Hong Kong-based orders. Books are delivered locally via SF Express and can take 2 to 7 days.

Can I buy a print in a physical store?

The Lion Rock Press stocks open series Hong Konger prints in its shop at 1005 10/F Arion Commercial Centre, 
2-12 Queen's Road West, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong. Limited series Hong Konger prints are available to view and purchase through Young Soy Gallery at 15/F, 3 Arbuthnot Road, Central, Hong Kong.

I've only received part of my order.

Prints and books are shipped from different places and therefore arrive separately. Don’t worry though — everything will get to you!

​Do you ship internationally?

Prints and merchandise ship internationally. The Hong Konger Anthology book is available internationally from Amazon or select Hong Konger bookstores listed here. For the shop policy, please click here.

Do you do custom size prints?

Prints are available only as:

  • 11x14" open series prints available here

  • 40x60cm limited series Gallery Prints available here

  • 56x84cm limited series Collector’s Prints available here

Prints in other sizes have been discontinued.​

Can I buy the original New Yorker cover to complement my Hong Konger?

I don’t own any art from the New Yorker magazine so can’t sell it. However, you can buy New Yorker art from the Conde Nast store and view all the New Yorker covers by using the URL “” followed by the date of the print (yyyy/mm/dd). For example,

I’m leaving Hong Kong soon, can you expedite my order?

Printify oversees the printing and shipping of open series Hong Kongers from this website. I can’t expedite their deliveries, but your safest bet would be to get a print in-store or online from The Lion Rock Press or order from my website but input your destination as the delivery address. All shipping is free. 

Can I get a specific date printed on a Hong Konger?

Unfortunately, no. The dates on every Hong Kong are actually significant. If a Hong Konger is based on a New Yorker magazine cover, the date is a reference that credits the original artwork. If a Hong Konger is original, the date is a tag that catalogues and chronicles that artwork within the wider collection.

Can I commission a Hong Konger?

I take suggestions and requests for Hong Kongers for free and take paid commissions. You can learn more about Hong Kong requests here and commissions here.

I want to team up with you on a project or event.

Cool! You can get more info on working with me on commissions and collaborations, auctions, exhibitions, talks and demos, courses and coaching, or book consignments by clicking on any of those links. If none of that is what you're looking for, you can reach me at or the form above.

Can I use your artwork for a publication, product, or project?

You can submit a request for a licensing quotation here.