Limited Series Prints

from The Hong Konger collection

Collector's Prints
  • Only 1 Collector's Print exists of each Hong Konger

  • 22.05 x 33.07 inch / 56 x 84 cm

  • Awagami bamboo archival paper (170g/m2)

  • Signed, numbered, unframed

  • Certificate of authenticity and holographic seal included

  • HK $35,000

Gallery Prints
  • Only 30 Gallery Prints exist of each Hong Konger

  • 15.75 x 23.62 inch / 40 x 60 cm

  • Awagami bamboo archival paper (170g/m2)

  • Signed, numbered, unframed

  • Select Gallery Prints available for HK $12,000 through Young Soy Gallery (click here for details)

  • HK $15,000

Why buy a limited series print?

The archival Awagami paper, ink, and certificate of authenticity for each limited series print have been carefully chosen and meticulously handled to produce the highest resolution, finest calibre versions of The Hong Konger covers. Limited series prints do not skimp on standard and are produced to stand the test of time.


Retail prices for limited series prints of The Hong Konger have quadrupled since July 2021, meaning early collectors have seen their prints increase in value by 300% in just one year. The sales strategy behind limited series prints is to sell slowly, gradually, and deliberately to ensure that The Hong Konger prints serve as value-adds to art collections not only aesthetically, but also financially.


While open series prints or The Hong Kong Anthology book are budget-friendly options, their smaller sizes do mean buyers miss out on the finer details, motifs, and Easter eggs embedded in every Hong Konger. When you own a limited series Hong Konger, you'll notice new hidden gems and jokes every time you come back to it. By owning a Hong Konger in its largest form, you'll find yourself absorbing more from the artwork than anyone else.

How ordering limited series prints works
  1. Browse availability: Collector's Prints and Gallery Prints

  2. Once you've decided on a Hong Konger print, email with your choice. Discounts are negotiable when sales are made without third-party brokers.

  3. The artist will reply within 1-2 business days to coordinate availability, payment, and logistics with you. Should you wish to own a Hong Konger Gallery Print contracted to Young Soy Gallery, click here for more information

Young Soy Gallery

holds exclusive rights to sell 11 of the most popular Gallery Prints from The Hong Konger collection at a discounted HK $12,000.

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