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The collection of 10 artworks melds elements of Hong Kong landmarks with classic ensemble sequences from Broadway and West End musicals. The works highlight locations such as Wan Chai, Cheung Chau, and Happy Valley and will feature musicals such as Chicago, Newsies, and My Fair Lady. The artworks’ names are portmanteaus, puns, or hybrids of the Hong Kong location, musical’s title, or song name. Sophia Hotung's full collection of originals and prints will be on show at Wyndham Social from 14 March to 28 April. Tours, workshops, and performances are also schedule throughout the exhibition. 

Everyday JusticE

Created in collaboration with Equal Justice, the Everyday Justice collection depicts female businesswomen in Hong Kong and celebrates the vibrancy and dynamism of their work and shops. 50% of profits from the collection support Equal Justice in closing Hong Kong's justice gap. 20% of profits go towards the Pangolin Fund to support other Hong Kong charities.

The Hong Konger

100 artworks inspired by the New Yorker magazine. The collection explores and satirises Hong Kong living, while also reflecting on gender, disability, and the Eurasian experience.