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Every Hong Konger series prints sale will benefit real Hong Kongers by March 2023

Remember last month when we raised HK $67,000 for local Hong Kong charities through The Hong Konger donation program? The program is expanding this month to Hong Kongers sold through The Hong Kong Arts Collective.

Previously, the work I sold through third parties was subject to broker commissions, which meant that I couldn't cover costs while also donating 20% of sales. However, by March, I'm excited to announce that every order of a Hong Konger limited series print will benefit real Hong Kongers.

Who's been benefitting from the donation program so far?

Last month, collectors of Hong Konger limited series prints chose to donate to Equal Justice, the Cambodian Children's Fund, Mind HK, Pathfinders, Youth Diabetes Action, The Women's Foundation, Food Angel, and Impact HK.

Clearly, it was a big month for social causes. However, we still have yet to make an environmental impact through the donation program, so see this as a sign to order a print and choose an environmental charity.

How to recommend a charity for donation

I maintain a list of charities that I send to collectors and would love your help to grow it. Check out the directory here and recommend unlisted charities here. The only rule is that they need to be registered in Hong Kong. All the details about the program can be found here.

Discounts abound

If you're in the market for a gallery wall of Gallery Prints, you're in luck:

  • Collect 1: HK $15,000

  • Collect 2-4: HK $12,000 each, or $24,000 total, saving you $6,000 - $12,000

  • Collect 5 or more: HK $10,000 each, or $50,000 total, saving you at least $25,000(!)

These discounts won't last forever so scoop 'em up while they're here.

What you get with a Gallery Print
  • Price: HK $15,000 (20% donated to a Hong Kong charity)

  • Size: 40 x 60cm (approx A2 size)

  • Paper: Signed, unframed Awagami bamboo archival paper (170g/m2)

  • Availability: Limited series of 30

  • Discounts: 2-3 for $12,000 each; 4+ for $10,000 each

Get in touch

If you have questions or would like help picking out Hong Konger prints, email me at


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