What I do when I feel creatively stuck

I’ve started taking anonymously asked questions via NGL and posting responses on my Instagram highlights. Here’s a question I received that merited a longer response á la blog post. The question reads:

“Hey Sophia! Saw your work at the [Affordable] Art Fair and absolutely love them! I also do digital art and [am] just starting out. Do you have any advice or tips in terms of getting galleries to represent you or have your work exhibited? Also, what do you do if you get stuck sometimes with your art?”

I’ll be answering the latter question below, but you can read my response to the former question as well here.

What do you do if you get stuck sometimes with your art?

Art started as a hobby for me. It was something that I turned to when I felt stress or pressure from other parts of life. I never felt stuck because doing art was something that I did not correlate with productivity or external validation. I only did it when I felt like it, meaning I only did it when I didn’t feel obligated or pressured to.