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I work with companies, charities, and individuals to create artwork, writing, and music that elevates brands. Previous and current partners include K11 ARTUS, Hanson Robotics, Playright Hong Kong, Henderson Land, USA Rugby, The Women's Foundation Hong Kong, The Women's Entrepreneur Network, Bookazine, Pacific DeFi.

Raise money auctioning limited series prints at your next charity event. Since September 2021, my art and books have raised over HK $100k in support of women's and disability issues. Previous partners include The American Club Hong Kong, the Women's Foundation Hong Kong, the Karen Leung Foundation.

I speak about disability, arts education, entrepreneurship, and women's issues, as well as offer digital art workshops and demos at intimate and large-scale events. Previous hosts include Animation Comics and Games Convention Hong Kong, Aide et Action, The Hong Kong Rotary Club Southside. Learn more >

Exhibit limited series artwork at your gallery or upcoming event. Previous and current galleries include: Young Soy Gallery, Oi Ling Antiques, Affordable Art Fair Hong Kong, Soho House, Eaton Hotel, twentycinco, the wild lot.

Stock The Hong Konger Anthology in your store. Previous and current vendors include: Bookazine, Asia Society Hong Kong, the Lion Rock Press, Kelly & Walsh, the Hong Kong Museum of Art.

Print or display artwork or writing in a publication, on a wall, online, somewhere else. Buy exclusive and non-exclusive rights today. Previous and current licensees: Barnard College, Kids' Gallery, Women's Entrepreneur Network, American Club Foundation.