Request a Hong Konger

I don't take commissions for The Hong Konger, but I do take requests. If you have an idea for a Hong Konger, fill in the form below. It could be a food, a place, or a social, cultural, or political quirk of HK.


How it works

I am very grateful to you for your support and for wanting to be a part of the project. So here's the deal: tell me your idea for a Hong Konger; I'll try to realise it; and I'll credit you when I do. The whole thing is free and open to anyone.

I started out making The Hong Konger as a hobby, and somewhere along the way, I became an artist. The Hong Konger art collection has become so intertwined with my chronic illness recovery, that I don't want to subject it to the project planning, feedback rounds, and consultations that are part of my commissions process.


For me to continue loving my work, I need The Hong Konger to be a personal project that I can create in my own time without external obligations or expectations. Therefore, I am only able to consider requests, not commissions for new Hong Kongers.


Since January 2022, I also decided to stop creating direct adaptations of New Yorker magazine covers, so I am unable to take these types of requests.