[Podcast] After-thoughts on meritocracy and success from my ‘What Kind of Asian Are You?’ episode

I was on the podcast What Kind of Asian Are You? talking about how I shifted from a corporate to creative career, my Hong Konger print series and upcoming book, and Eurasian history in Hong Kong.

However, what I really tried to confront and deconstruct in the interview is the insidious ableism and toxicity of the standard capitalist "success narrative."

I had to get to a point where I couldn't hold down a job, stand for more than 10 minutes, or wash my hair to realise that my or anyone's value is not measured by productivity, LinkedIn, or usefulness to others.

Like many millennials and Gen Zers, I've been tacitly conditioned to equate my value to my labour, to see interactions as transactional, and to perpetuate unhealthy behaviours that only further exacerbate my disabilities.

Being disabled and/or unable to work calls into question your whole value system, especially when you're a person who suddenly can't do anything but implicitly holds yourself to capitalist standards of meritocracy.