My daily routine as the artist-in-residence at k11 ARTUS

I’ve been at K11 ARTUS, the design-led artisanal residence in Tsim Sha Tsui, now for a nine days and have sunk into a fun little routine.

8am - Big breakfasts for big days

I am 100% not a morning person. My best work usually gets done between 10pm and the wee hours of the following day, but there must be something in the water here, because I’m up at about 7.30am now to get to breakfast at 8am downstairs. There are some juicy breakfast options but i’ve ended up alternating between the full English or the poached egg on a bagel (except I get gluten-free toast because of my celiac disease.)

I don’t normally eat breakfast so tucking into one of these bad boys every morning takes my little stomach a full hour, but during that hour, I doodle or listen to a podcast. I’ve started listening to Writ Large, which talks about the historical significance of different works of literature, but I also like listening to the QAnon Anonymous podcast (don’t worry — I don’t believe in QAnon conspiracies; I just have a morbid curiosity about the cult). I also listen to My Dad Wrote a Porno on loop a lot, because it’s my all-time favourite show.

9am - Working on the 10th floor

At this point, I’ll either set myself up at a table behind the stairs in the Commune or in the Living Salon. the Living Salon’s great, because it’s where most of the sculptures, artworks, and classic ARTUS fixtures are. The project that I’m working in involves celebrating a lot of ARTUS's installations, so it’s convenient to have the subjects of my illustrations all around me. I especially like incorporating shapes and patterns into my work as little Easter eggs, so carpet textures, light hardware, and furniture silhouettes are great inspirations to drawn on in the Living Salon too.

1pm - Tea in my room