How I wrote and illustrated a book in 2 weeks as K11 ARTUS's artist-in-residence

I wrote a book inspired by and set at K11 ARTUS as their inaugural artist-in-residence. I’ve never written a book so quickly, so thought I’d try to account for how that happened.

I am so excited to share this book with you in the coming months. As a kid, it always bugged me that there weren’t many children’s chapter books set in Hong Kong. I read books set in America or England, and wanted to travel to landmarks there to see literary settings come to life. Therefore, I wanted to use this book to put literary landmarks on the map for young, bookish Hong Kongers. I want kids to come to artus and see the sculptures from the book, the life-sized chess set that the characters play with, the magic doorknob to the K11 Craft and Guild Foundation, and more. Hong Kong readers deserve literary representation.

Here are some things I can share about my new book at this point in the process:

  • It’s a chapter book for kids aged 8-13

  • It has 25 chapters and 40+ illustrations

  • It’s a mystery with Famous Five vibes that incorporates the artwork at K11 ARTUS

Thursday - The art tour

I arrived at K11 ARTUS in the late afternoon and kicked off my residency with an art tour. Unfortunately, due to Hong Kong’s fifth Covid-19 wave, tours aren't open to the general public right this minute, but usually they are.

I wanted to start with the tour so that I could begin getting ideas for my residency project as early as possible. My guide, Marco, was great and showed me all around the exhibits in the sky lobby, the living salon, the library, and even in my room.