How a floppy 13-year-old pug who I’ve never met saves me time explaining my disabilities

Noodle the pug’s “No Bones Days” inadvertently help me describe chronic illness symptoms with accuracy and conciseness. Here’s how…

The story behind “Bones Day” (which you can read fully here) is that a guy called Jonathan Graziano wakes his pudgy pug Noodle up everyday, and if Noodle doesn’t flop back into his dormant position, it’s a Bones Day. If Noodle does flop, it’s a No Bones Day. Graziano documents these daily tests on TikTok. Since TikTok is unavailable in Hong Kong, I get my Bones Day updates from Twitter fan accounts, and thus I am now an avid follower and fan.

The daily updates get extrapolated to suggest that if it’s a Bones Day, the Twittersphere shall have a productive day, but if it’s a No Bone’s Day, the people of Twitter should take it easy. In summary, Noodle is an oracle.

I’m not sure if I’m allowed to co-opt the term “No Bones Day” to describe how chronic illness affects my life, but I have and it has made me feel better about days when my disabilities are too overwhelming to go about a normal day.

If you’ve read my last blog post, Why do I bring up my disabilities when I could just like… not?, one of the reasons I give for telling people I’m disabled is that it saves me so much time asking for help when people know I’m disabled from the get-go. Using the phrase “No Bones Day” does the exact same thing. Before, when I had to back out of a commitment because I couldn’t get out of bed, I’d find it hard to explain that I was “tired” or “in pain” in a way that caffeine and opiates can’t cure.