“Heads not hands”: How I print, drop-ship, consign, and sell my work internationally from my bedroom

When I worked with my mum at Kids’ Gallery, an extracurricular art school for kids, we would often say “heads not hands”. The slogan refers to prioritising strategy over operations. Basically, if you were doing work that relied more on your hands than your brain, then you could delegate, automate, or eliminate that task.

This time last year, I sold my first print, Lei Tung Lanterns. I printed it using a local printer, bought an Ikea frame, and hand-delivered it. Once the creative part of painting Lei Tung Lanterns was finished, it was clear that the logistics of printing and shipping was “hands” not “heads”, and could therefore be handed off.

I realised that If I was going to monetise my art without exacerbating my chronic illnesses, I needed to find ways to delegate, automate, and eliminate the logistical parts of the work that anyone could do.

I’m hoping that the following set-up is helpful to anyone who has a computer, a little bit of money to set up commerce platforms, and proprietary art.

I’m always looking for ways to streamline and improve, so if you have suggestions or feedback, feel free to contact me here.

First let’s break down what I sell: