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Everything you need to know about the new 2023 The Hong Konger calendar

I'm so excited to finally tell THE WORLD about the limited edition 2023 The Hong Konger calendar from The Lion Rock Press.

What exactly is this calendar?

It's an A3 (297 x 420 mm) calendar featuring 12 seasonal covers from The Hong Konger collection, but oh my lord, when I tell you what they actually look and feel like, you shall be as AMAZED and ASTOUNDED as I was when I first saw them.

The Lion Rock Press just kills it with quality. They pay extra attention to the materials they use for the products and packaging. (I have many a text and email from the team discussing foiling, embossing, the historical significance of the printer, the Italian paper, it's just *chef's kiss* premium stuff.)

How much does the calendar cost?

It's HK $350, which I think is a steal for the aforementioned printing/packaging quality. There's free local shipping across Hong Kong and a cheeky festive discount, which deserves its own paragraph.

The discount: Get HK $50 off when you order an open series print with your calendar.

How many calendars are available?

We only printed 500 calendars, which means that if you want one, you better grab one now. Can't make any promises that we'll do another print run, so go go go! Grab as many as you can before you end up like Arnold Schwarzenegger in Jingle All the Way. (Reference for those who don't know).

What prints from The Hong Konger are inside and why?

Chronologically, this is the line-up:

January: Gongxi Gongxi because of Lunar New Year

February: Valentine's Cards because of Valentine's Day

March: Room with a View because it's all about nature and spring will have sprung

April: Hog Walker because I really like this one and wanted to put it in somewhere

May: Splash Harbour to mark the beginning of summer with a lil swim

June: Dragon Riders because of Dragon Boat Festival

July: Flagpolar because of the handover anniversary

August: Hot Girl Bummer because summer beach vibes

September: Happy Hour because it's back to school / work

October: Ghosts of Punters Past because of Halloween

November: Peak Trail because it's hiking season

December: Junk of the Magi because of Christmas

What does it look like inside?


Any other Hong Konger stuff I can gift this year besides the calendar?

Hell yes! The Lion Rock Press also has notecard sets featuring some choice Hong Konger prints coming out in time for the holiday season. Don't forget about the open series prints (and the HK $50 discount you can get on them). I also sell larger limited series Gallery Prints (/30) and Collector's Prints (1/1). Email me at if that tickles your pickle. I offer discounts when you buy directly from me!

Where can I buy the calendar?

The calendar is available exclusively through The Lion Rock Press. Here's the link. Now off you pop.

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