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Composing an original song, Banyan Tree, for Playright Hong Kong

Playright, a local Hong Kong charity that promotes and provides spaces and resources for children to play, needed a song during the fifth wave of the pandemic in Hong Kong.

The goal was to create an upbeat, Hong Kong-centric song that children could cover by singing or playing along with instruments as a way to do something creative while schools were shut and social distancing measures were enforced.

I wrote Banyan Tree originally on the guitar, then music producer Enrico Narvaez mixed it. You can listen to that demo track here.

Children from Kids' Gallery then covered the song here:

Then, to encourage other children to cover the song, I recorded an acoustic version as well.

The campaign raised HK$40,000 for Playright in its first week and garnered a great response from kids and parents making their own covers, which you can find here.


Need impactful visuals or copywriting... or in this case music? Email me at and let's start a conversation.


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