Art Diaries Ep. 2: Changing the subject when things aren’t working out

Originally posted to Instagram

When I create Hong Kongers, I try to do something new with each one. I started making them as a way to teach myself to draw and paint, and I’m still trying to upskill with every piece I make.

I downloaded these oil brushes in December, and I’ve found them difficult to use. I like clean lines and a lot of my early Hong Kongers use clipping masks to clearly delineate shape. Therefore, these oil brushes go against my nature to literally colour within the lines.

This Hong Kong Park piece is the sister of another park piece called Sea Soar, which is set in Clearwater Bay Country Park and features a kite flyer. I’ve found that drawing nature — specifically trees and water — are ideal for practising with these often unwieldy, textured brushes, and I’m currently spawning a lot of outdoorsy Hong Kongers as I get to grips with oil painting on Procreate.

I had almost given up on trying with the oil brushes, because the buildings and cityscapes I tried doing with them looked so bad, but I guess sometimes you just need a change of subject to make something work.