Art Diaries Ep. 1: Celebrating the process, not the end goal

Originally posted to Instagram

25 mins condensed into 55 seconds. When it comes to filming myself make art, I actually end up with pretty boring footage. I’m working on an old piece that I’ve been putting off for a while. I’m trying out a new kind of shading with a dark layer and light layer on top of a base color block layer. It’s tedious and repetitive, but the overall effect will look nuanced and cool!

The repetition of creating depth with the dark and light layers is also a meditative act for me. It’s in my nature to grow impatient when things aren’t stimulating me in new ways or when I don’t see the end result straight away, so working bit by bit through an artwork using the same technique for hours with the end very far in sight helps to ground me and reminds me that the process isn’t a tedious waste of time but a deliberate practice that results in a satisfying overall finished product.

If you’re frustrated because you watched the whole 55 seconds and didn’t even see the finished product, I feel you. But this reel is about celebrating the steps along the way that no-one sees.