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Download your portrait from The Hong Konger Wall at the Affordable Art Fair

This web address used to link to a landing page for The Hong Konger Wall at the 2022 Affordable Art Fair. The page has since been archived, but its contents are reflected below.


I drew 216 portraits of real Hong Kongers from all walks of life doing the finger heart as a symbol of love and solidarity for our city and each other. Come find yourself and your fellow Hong Kongers on the 3 x 6 metre mural at the Fair.


Get up close and person with some of my favourite Collector's Prints at Young Soy Gallery's booth. If you're feeling inspired take one home with you.


Come hang out with me and make your own Hong Konger during the 4-6pm opening night workshop. I'll let you in on some behind-the-scenes secrets about the different prints, and you can take home your own original Hong Konger postcard.

Find yourself here and download your portrait


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