What kind of Hong Konger are you?

70 Hong Konger prints, 70 corresponding poems, 70 artist’s notes on the secret messages, meanings, and motifs in the artworks

What kind of Hong Konger are you?

Find yourself within the pages of The Hong Konger Anthology, a satirical and subverted delve into Hong Kong culture.


Whether you’re a wild boar spotter, dragon boat drummer, Chinese medicine vendor, Kowloon-wary expat, overscheduled student, lascivious tai tai, or Hong Kong Mom™, you only need to crack open this book to find your likeness.


The Hong Konger Anthology features 70 prints inspired by New Yorker magazine covers and a compendium of zany, thoughtful, and satirical poems inspired by western and Chinese poetry.


It’s a celebration and critique of Hong Kong’s unique characters and a great addition to the stack of books collecting dust on your coffee table.

SOPHIA HOTUNG is a Eurasian writer and illustrator from Hong Kong.  You can follow her work at @sophiahotung or visit

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