Campbell's Troupe

Students from the Carol Bateman School of Dancing leave ballet mistress Joan Campbell’s ballet class in the basement of The Helena May and ascend Garden Road. Based on the September 29, 1934 New Yorker cover Housekeepers Cleaning Brownstone House by Arnold Hall.

Day Off

Domestic workers eat lunch on the Circular Pedestrian Bridge in Causeway Bay during their day off. Based on the September 5, 1942 New Yorker magazine cover by Constantin Alajalov.

Cable Guys

Children peer out of an Ocean Park cable car and behold the fun of the fair below. Based on the September 5, 1964 New Yorker cover New York World’s Fair by Arthur Kimmig Getz.

Hot Fuzz

Pandas deliver food on Food Panda motorcycles while a hungry, cutlery-wielding mob follow. Based on the September 23, 1972 New Yorker magazine cover by Charles Saxon.

Horoscope Zoetrope

The zodiac animals, represented on a wheel by capitalist, colonial, traditional, political, and cultural Hong Kong symbols. Based on the September 30, 1991 New Yorker magazine cover Mother Goose Zodiac by J.B. Handelsman.

Bamboo Builders

Construction workers traverse Hong Kong on bamboo scaffolding stilts. Based on the September 12, 1994 New Yorker magazine cover by Eric Drooker.

Upward Mobility

A man in a face mask and Jeremy Kin Knicks jersey looks up at an airplane leaving Hong Kong while skyscrapers tower over him. Based on the September 30, 1996 New Yorker magazine cover Businessman Looks Up at Tall Skyscrapers by Eric Drooker.

Happy Hour

A young writer works on her novel after work as Central commuters ride the Mid-levels escalator home. Based on the September 24, 2018 New Yorker magazine cover Fourth Wall by Adrian Tomine.


The curved ridges of pre-1997 HK $2 coins lock together and commemorate the life of Queen Elizabeth II. Dated September 8, 2022.