A student studies a highly redacted text in a dingy library while televisions blare around her. Based on the March 3, 1973 New Yorker magazine cover by Arthur Kimmig Getz.


Window shoppers peer at displays in a luxury shopping mall. Based on the March 17, 1975 New Yorker magazine cover by Laura Jean Allen.

View of the World from M&S

A view of the world from a Hong Kong Islander expatriate’s perspective. Based on the March 29, 1976 New Yorker magazine cover View of the World from 9th Avenue by Saul Steinberg.

Room with a View

A white poodle waits for its owner to return home to their small studio apartment overlooking a Sham Shui Po street market. Based on the March 1, 1982 New Yorker magazine cover by Jean-Jacques Sempé.

Shelf Reflection

A Hong Kong Island-shaped bookcase holds knick-knacks that represent various landmarks. Based on the March 27, 2017 New Yorker magazine cover Shelf Life by Luci Gutiérrez.

Peak Trail

A woman walks her dogs along the Peak Trail. Based on the March 11, 2019 New Yorker magazine cover Off the Path by Gayle Kabaker.


The New York Times's Wordle game references a city-wide emergency government text message sent out to all Hong Konger residents on March 9, 2022. Dated March 9, 2022.

Covid Closet

The artist gets dressed in a The Sims 2-style user interface, choosing from a variety of zany and Covid-apprioriate outfits during Hong Kong's fifth wave of the coronavirus pandemic. Dated March 14, 2022.

Snakes & Adders

A ladder-less snakes & ladders board game shows an elusive Covid zero goal and moments from Hong Kong's experience battling the coronavirus. Dated March 21, 2022.