Dimsum Dénouement

Servers clear tables after lunch at Maxim’s Palace in City Hall. Based on the January 3, 1953 New Yorker magazine cover by Ludwig Bemelmans.

High Junk Reef

Hong Kong sea creatures go about their daily business, encumbered by environmental destruction. Based on the January 20, 1968 New Yorker cover Under the Sea by Charles Samuel Addams.

10,000 Faeries

Porcelain figurines stand guard at Waterfall Bay Park. Based on the January 8, 1972 New Yorker magazine cover by Charles Samuel Addams.

New Year Transit

The zodiac animals ride a crowded MTR train. Based on the January 31, 1994 New Yorker magazine cover by Edward Sorel.

After Hours

A Zamboni driver at Festival Walk’s ice-skating rink sneaks onto the ice after hours for some fishing. Based on the February 3, 2003 New Yorker magazine cover by Bruce McCall.

White Flowers

A bottle of white flower oil empties into its cap in which a group of popos bathe. Dated January 5, 2022.

Octopus Card

An octopus beeps through the turnstiles with an Octopus card at an MTR station bustling with marine creatures. Dated January 7, 2022.

Icebox Ricebox

Children build a riceman, have a riceball fight, and make a rice-angel in a rice cooker. Dated January 25, 2022.

Penny's Bay

A neighbourly signpost welcomes visitors to Penny's Bay, the notorious quarantine centre on Lantau Island. Dated January 31, 2022.