Country Club (American Club Special)

Holiday-makers skate on an icy swimming pool at The American Club, Country Club while a Christmas tree glistens on the South Lawn and a rogue polar bear pilfers a snow cone. Based on the February 26, 1927 New Yorker magazine cover. Created in a special, festive collaboration with The American Club Hong Kong.


A Filipina girl sits alone pondering potential careers from which prejudice and stigma may bar her. Based on the February 27, 1943 New Yorker magazine cover by Constantin Alajalov.

Bao Bei's Feast

A Eurasian toddler can only crave a McDonald’s Happy Meal despite the Chinese banquet spread out before her. Based on the February 17, 1973 New Yorker magazine cover The New Yorker Cat Feast Cover by Ronald Searle.


A gawky expat fawns over his disinterested date at the Armani/Privé terrace in Central. Based on the February 19, 1996 New Yorker magazine cover Cupid’s Volley by Peter de Sève.

Valentine's Cards

Mahjong cards, transformed for Valentine’s Day. Based on the February 12, 2001 New Yorker magazine cover by Richard McGuire.

Gongxi Gongxi

Components of lunar new year celebrations are laid out on a model toy punch-out frame. Dated February 1, 2022.

Go Fish

A koi fishes along the promenade in Sai Kung. Dated February 4, 2022.


Iconic balconies scenes from film and literature play out simultaneously on outdoor terraces of a residential Hong Kong apartment building.

Take Heart

Hong Kongers form the finger heart gesture with their thumbs and index fingers, their poses reminiscent of the iconic New Yorker magazine birthday cover that reoccurs every February. Dated February 21, 2022.